Research Projects from leading AI

Health Care

1. Drug discovery using Neural Networks
2. Tumor detection from Brain MRI images
3. Detection and Classification of cancer cells in MRI Images
4. Organ Segmentation and Labelling in MRI Images
5. Cancer cell detection and segmentation
6. Blood flow detection and monitoring using Sensory data
7. Diabetic Retinopathy Detection and Segmentation from MRI Images
8. Personalized Treatment based on Patient History
9. AI System for Prediction and Recommendation of Diabetes
10. Recommendation of doctors and medicines using review mining
11. Disease Prediction using patient treatment history and health data
12. Real-time health monitoring using wearable devices
13. Prediction of epidemic outbreaks using Social Media Data
14. Design and Implementation of prediction for Medical Insurance
15. Activity monitoring and unusual activity detection for elderly homes
16. Recognizing exercises for physiotherapy videos
17. Detecting Genes responsible for cancer development
18. DNA/Gene classification using RNN Sequential analysis
19. Chest X-Ray Classification and Localization of Common Thorax Diseases

1. Agriculture

Plant disease identification using leaf images
2. Plants Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks
3. Fruits counting for automatic inventory management
4. Weed plant detection from agricultural field images
5. Predicting yield, soil moisture and weather using images processing
6. Plant Gene Classification and Functionality Prediction
7. Automated quality assessment of crops
8. pace Research & Satellite imagery

Change detection for deforestation, water reserves from Satellite images
9. Detection of Unmanned Vehicles (UMV) and Drones
10. Segmenting Satellite Images for detection of road, buildings, natural resources etc.
11. Target recognition in SAR images
12. Scene segmentation in rural and urban regions from Remote Sensing Data
13. Detection of Anomaly in SAR images
14. Classification of Terrain from Satellite Imagery
15. 3D reconstruction from multimodal satellite data
16. Classification of galaxies
17. Simulation of Galaxies for Real World Scenario
18. Detection and Segmentation of different structures on planet surface images

Cyber Security

Intrusion detection in networks and servers
20. Malware identification using deep learning
21. Anomaly detection in network activities
22. Virus/Malicious file detection in a shared environment
23. Spam SMS filtering Using Machine Learning
24. Advertisement Click Fraud Detection
25. Webpage classification for safer browsing
26. Education Predicting Student Performance using Regression analysis
27. Automatic scientific article summarization
28. Feature based opinion mining on student feedback
29. Face recognition based attendance system
30. Video Processing Real-time generic object detection & tracking
31. Pedestrian Detection from low-resolution videos
32. Detection and classification of vehicles
33. Vehicle detection and speed tracking
34. Detection of signals, and lane for self-driving cars
35. Road Crack Detection and Segmentation For Autonomous Driving
36. Unusual Activity & Anomaly detection in surveillance
37. Human activity detection for surveillance video Compression
38. Gesture recognition for Human Computer Interaction
39. Real-time video to text transcription for visually challenged person
40. Real-time speech recognition for regional languages
41. Real-time OCR for Regional Languages
42. Face Recognition & expression recognition Mobile App for Visually impaired person
43. Action recognition for controlling electronic appliances in homes
44. Place recognition app for visually impaired person
45. Text to video generation for News Stories
46. Salient region detection for targeted advertisements placement in videos
47. Video quality Enhancement using super-resolution


Comparative sales analysis of different stores, customers, demographics
49. Customer Classification Based on The Historical Purchase Data
50. Personalized marketing and targeted advertising
51. Predicting housing prices for real estate companies using Machine Learning or Deep Learning
52. Predicting Product Development Time and Cost Using Production Data
53. Question answering system for automated customer relationship management
54. Sales prediction using Regression Analysis
55. Text to Speech Generation for Regional Languages


Fraud/abuse detection for insurance companies
57. Predicting risk for new Insurance using customer information


Credit card fraud detection using historical transaction data
59. Loan Risk Prediction using User transaction information


Crime pattern detection using historical crime data
61. Geographical crime rate prediction
62. Criminal behavior analysis and segmentation
63. Crowd counting and monitoring for surveillance videos
64. Social Media Analytics Product opinion mining for competitive market analysis
65. Customer requirement analysis using User Generated Content
66. Consumer behavior analysis using User Generated Content
67. Rumor detection from Social Media
68. Political opinion mining for popularity prediction
69. Terrorism detection from social media
70. Stock prediction using Twitter sentimental analysis
71. Restaurant Review Classification And Recommender System
72. Fake news detection in online social media
73. Detection violent and abusive content in social media
74. Others
75. Machine Translation for Regional Languages
76. Virtual Personal Assistant Apps
77. Developing a Chatbot using sequence modelling
78. Travel route suggestion based on pattern of travel and difficulties